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Intentional Hygiene

An accomplished sought-after national speaker, author, and integrated healthcare implementation specialist, Kriston Reisnour fully believes in the power of building a relationship to motivate and inspire individuals.


Kriston gained a subjected matter expertise on the oral systemic connection through her three decades of experience in dental hygiene working in a variety of general and specialty practices throughout the United States training with leading experts in the dental and medical fields. She also holds certifications as a clinical sleep health educator, certified specialist in orofacial myology, and is a Fellow of The American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. Her experience as the Dental Program Director for the BaleDoneen Method and work with many directors at the Seattle Study Club solidified her passion for coaching and educating healthcare providers on their role in today’s integrated healthcare system.


By combining her own personal first-hand experience, with her expertise, she delivers compelling and relatable presentations for conferences, on-line events, interviews, panels, meetings, retreats, workshops, and seminars that have been met with rave reviews and can be adapted to suit your venue and audience.

Topics Available

Additional topics available upon request. Please contact Kriston for more information.



January 16 | AAOSH Hot Topics in Oral Systemic Health

April 16-17 | WDHA


May 11 | Seattle Study Club (Dr. Kazmer)


June 3 | Idaho Coaching Session


June 18-20 | ADHA


March 2022 | Seattle Study Club (Dr. Alan Farber)

More coming soon!

Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire!

"A mighty flame follows a tiny spark." -Dante

We now know there are new and better ways to take care of our patients. No longer can we just focus our appointment times on scaling and polishing. Our efforts must be focus on recognizing and mitigating inflammation "FIRES" or infection in the body. This course will give you an overview of how to understand why an internal fire can get out of control, identify clues on the medical history, and recognize the three primary igniters of inflammation.

  • Understand why the fire gets out of control

  • Identify the smoke signals on the medical history

  • Recognize three igniters of a "five alarm fire"

Inflammation and Sleep: What Every Dental Professional Should Know!
  • Gain an understanding of common sleep apnea and breathing related issues

  • Understanding how the inflammatory burden associated with sleep disorders contributes to co-morbidities affecting vascular, oral, and overall systemic health.

  • Identify the role dental health care providers have in assessing and treating OSA, oral health conditions, and complications associated with inflammation caused by the sleep related disorder.

  • Learn how to implement individualized treatment recommendations and assessments to help manage the patient's overall health and wellbeing.

Dying To Breathe: The dental professional's role in identifying orofacial and airway components which are driving chronic inflammation
  • Understanding the critical role dental healthcare providers, hygienists, play in identifying and assessing underlying inflammation as it related to airway - breathing, sleep issues, and the orofacial components in patient care.

  • Use physical exam skills to recognize anatomy and conditions in the oral cavity causing issues with function, growth, and lead to the breakdown of multiple body systems overtime.

  • Discuss how to recommend individualized treatment to achieve optimal health and well-being for the patients.

Chronic Inflammatory Cascade
  • Provide an elemental understanding of inflammation and how the inflammatory process causes disease and destruction.

  • Describe the role bacteria, viruses, and fungi plays in the systemic inflammatory cascade.

  • Understanding the relationship between common health conditions (cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, breathing issues, obesity, diabetes, gut health, etc.) and systemic inflammation leading to disease progression.

  • Enhance the clinician's ability to critically analyze while determining optimal treatment decisions.

When Worlds Collide: Medical and dental integration is happening! Are you ready?

Learn how to successfully navigate through this unfamiliar territory.

  • Understand the critical role both the medical and dental healthcare providers, HYGIENISTS, play in identifying and assessing underlying systemic inflammation as it related to prevention of chronic disease.

  • Learn how to identify medical conditions associated with systemic and oral inflammation by review of your patient's medical history before they even sit in your chair! We will discuss and review health issues associated with chronic inflammation leading to vascular destruction and end stage diseases helping individuals identify commonly found conditions on medical history forms. Chronic disease starts from inflammation. Prevention starts with early detection.

  • Understanding the important role the oral cavity plays in adding fuel to the "fire within" from gum disease, asymptomatic endodontic lesions, airway, sleep apnea, myofunctional issues. We will delve into nutrition, genetics, epigenetics, and how an overgrowth of gut bacteria is related to an overgrowth of oral bacteria. Treat the gut, treat the mouth! Lean how to implement a nutritional component into your treatment model to help support gut and maintain overall health.

  • Learn how to perform "lifesaving screenings" and additional testing within the dental office, providing a complete picture of that patient's health, and driving the comprehensive treatment approach. Are these screenings covered by medical insurance?

  • Finally, learn a step-by-step process on HOW TO PULL IT ALL TOGETHER with a collaborative approach to extinguishing that "fire within." (case studies, treatment procedures, medical insurance coverage, and how to set your patient up for lifelong success.)

Cardiovascular Disease and Vascular Health
  • Provide an elemental understanding of the BaleDoneen Method medical model versus traditional medicine.

  • Discuss what really causes a vascular event.

  • Enhance the student's abilities to identify the conditions on medical histories which are associated with inflammation and potentially leading to vascualr disease and or an event.

  • Understand the oral health component in vascular disease.

  • Discuss blood, urine, genetic, and diagnostic testing that can determine vascular health.

Guts of Fire: Healthy Gut, Health Mouth!

Over 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates is reported to be the first to claim, "All disease begins in the gut." Functional medicine practitioners have learned through experience that chronic inflammation and low-grade infections are an underlying root cause of many chronic illnesses. Many of these infections lie in the gastrointestinal tract, and it is remarkable how often small bowel bacterial overgrowth, Candita enteritis (yeast), or hidden parasites, are the triggers for symptoms which have been chronically ailing individuals. Your intentional tract has tens of trillions of good and bad virus, bacteria, and parasites known collectively as the "gut microbiome." There is a harmonious balancing act between bacteria, the gut barrier, and immune system of which your digestive system houses 80%. Your immune system goes into overdrive in response to an imbalance of the quantity and quality of bacteria causing the permeability of the gut lining to become compromised. This allows bacteria, food deposits, and other material to enter the blood stream leaing to an inflammatory response. The oral cavity is the start to the digestive tract and can be a trigger for a cascade of systemic events. The mouth can show significant signs of underlying gut and digestive issues and these conditions can have oral contributing factors. Oral healthcare providers need to support gut health to achieve optimal healing for their patients. We will explore the numerous triggers causing gut issues and provide clinicians with guidelines to help support gut and oral health in this toxic world we live in.

  • Understand the complexity of the gut microbiome, gut barrier, and the effect on the immune system.

  • Describe triggers (genetic, epigenetic, nutrition, environmental exposures) that effect gut health leading to systemic inflammation and chronic disease.

  • Demonstrate the mouth-gut connection and bacteria response to oral health products, rinse, and antibiotic regiments commonly used in the dental practice.

  • Learn a 4-step approach to gut health.

  • Discuss adjunctive treatment for periodontal disease by treating dysbiosis, repairing the gut membrane with spore-based probiotics, and utilizing vitamin K2 to prevent and repair mitochondrial dysfunction.

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