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Intentional Hygiene

Do you want to provide life-saving care to your patients and become a leader in your community for preventative care?

Kriston's passion for education and implementation of the oral systemic connection is a powerful investment for any dental office interested in providing life-saving care for their patients. By focusing on patient health and prevention, you can take care of your patients in new and better ways. No longer can we just focus our appointment times on scaling and polishing - our efforts must be focused on recognizing and mitigating inflammation "FIRES" or infection in the body. Prevention starts with early detection, and Kriston will help you put all the advanced science into easy-to-implement protocols for your unique practice.


With coaching from Intentional Hygiene, you and your team will learn how to identify medical conditions associated with systemic and oral inflammation, sleep apnea and airway related issues, and gut dysbiosis by review of your patient's medical history before they even sit in your chair! Kriston will train you and your team how to recognize and review health issues associated with chronic inflammation leading to vascular destruction and end stage diseases.


Identify clues on patient's medical history, and recognize the primary igniters of inflammation.

Pull it all together with a collaborative approach.

Implement individualized treatment recommendations and assessments to help manage your patient's overall health and wellbeing.

Perform lifesaving screenings and additional testing within the dental office, providing a complete picture of your patient's health.

Receive medical insurance coverage for preventative screenings in your office.

Extinguishing the "fire within" and set your patient's up for lifelong health and wellness.

Kriston is currently offering in-office and virtual coaching. Contact her to learn more and schedule a consultation.
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