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Intentional Hygiene


Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM, FAAOSH

An accomplished sought after national speaker, author, and integrated healthcare implementation specialist, Kriston fully believes in the power of building a relationship to motivate and inspire individuals. Her experience as the Dental Program Director for the BaleDoneen Method and having worked with many directors at the Seattle Study Club solidified her passion for coaching and educating healthcare providers on their role in today’s integrated health care system. By combining her own personal first hand experience, with her expertise, she delivers compelling and relatable presentations for conferences, online events, interviews, panels, meetings, retreats, workshops, and seminars that have been met with rave reviews and can be adapted to suit your venue and audience.

Ms. Reisnour, the owner of Intentional Hygiene and Orofacial Myology of PNW, is a registered dental hygienist with over three decades of experience, a credentialed clinical sleep health educator, certified specialist in orofacial myology, and holds licensure in five states. Her work in a variety of general and specialty practices throughout the United States has afforded Kriston the fortuity to train with leading experts in the dental and medical fields where she gained extensive experience and knowledge of the comprehensive approach to optimal care making her a subject matter expert in the oral systemic connection.


Beyond oral systemic health and inflammation, additional areas of expertise are airway centric dentistry, myofunctional therapy, gut health, ozone dentistry, laser treatment modalities, neuromuscular dentistry, non-invasive periodontal therapy (endoscope/perioscopy), and additional collaborative approaches with an emphasis on functional oral systemic health. She is dedicated and passionate about the importance of an integrated collaborative healthcare approach utilizing the fundamental belief that you have to find the underlying cause of the inflammation driving a person’s disease to fully treat the individual. By identifying the oral systemic health connections, implementing science-based principles and procedures, providing exceptional patient care with predictable treatment outcomes, lives can be saved!


She is a member of American Dental Hygienists Association, Washington State Dental Hygienists Association, Mt. Baker Dental Hygiene Association, Fellow of The American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), Dental Entrepreneur Women (DeW), member and educational instructor for National Network of Health Hygienists (NNHH) Oral Systemic Education Certification program, and the Director of Intellectual Wellness Advisory Board Member for the Dental Mental Network. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dogs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Kriston Reisnour RDH, BSDH, CCSH, CSOM, FAAOSH - Speaker
BaleDoneen Method
oral systemic health and inflammation
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